BEIJING, CHINA - NOVEMBER 11: A receptionist from Chinese e-commerce giant pose stands at her desk under banner for Singles Day in the lobby at the company's headquarters during an organized tour on November 11, 2020 in Beijing, China. The online shopping blitz, known as Singles Day or Double 11, is the world’s largest retail event and comes as Chinese consumers are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. The revival of consumer consumption is expected to boost China’s economy, which is already showing signs of post-pandemic recovery and providing a bright spot for global brands and retailers. Singles Day sales for China’s biggest e-commerce giants like are on pace to break previous records, pulling in $56 billion U.S. in the first 30 minutes (when combined with three days of pre-event sales). (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

差不多两个月前,深圳市罗湖区政府出资了 1,000 万元,让深圳成为了首个在中国测试数字人民币的城市。到了现在,苏州政府也开始跟进,日前他们宣布将会拨款 2,000 万元发放共计 10 万个 200 元的数字人民币红包,让抽签中选的市民可以在 12 月 11 日至 12 月 27 日间进行消费。

相比深圳的测试,苏州此次的最大不同之处在于引入了线上购物平台。京东数科将会提供技术和服务支持,中签市民除了能去指定的线下商户购物以外,也能在京东商城进行线上消费(不过结算方式似乎必须是在送货时当面用数字人民币 app 付款)。这也就意味着,京东成为了第一个接入数字人民币的网购平台,而这对于数字人民币技术的发展是有着不小意义的。