In this photo taken of a computer screen Wednesday, April 15, 2020, shows the Michigan Supreme Court who broke new ground by hearing two cases via Zoom video conferencing. Justice David Viviano was the only judge in his regular seat in court. At one point more than 180 people were watching live on YouTube. Justice Richard Bernstein, perhaps the most loquacious member, had questions for the lawyers as time was winding down. "Even on Zoom he finds a way" to run out the clock, Chief Justice Bridget McCormack joked. (AP Photo/Ed White)
因为新冠疫情的肆虐而趁势崛起的视频会议工具 Zoom,在 2020 年第一季度财报之中,透露了相较去年同期,超过 10 人的公司客户增加至 265,400,升幅超过 3.5 倍。收入为 3.28 亿美元,同样是有 1.7 倍的显著增长。

财报会议记录之中,执行长袁征表示,他们发现在 4 月时候,其服务的每日使用人数高达 3 亿,这包含了付费和免费用户,而去年 12 月就只有 1,000 万;截至今年 1 月底的会议时长也仅为千亿分钟(100 billion),但到了四月底就已经超过 2 兆(2 trillion)分钟,是以倍数的速度增长中。