Computex 2011:宏碁展出内置2D 到 3D 转换功能的 GR235H A 屏幕

Andy Yang
Andy Yang
2011年06月1日, 早上 08:00

即使是 3D 热已经炒了有一年了,在 PC 上要取得 3D 内容还是相当不容易的 -- 除了 3D 游戏之外,要嘛就是努力找 3D 的影片(祝好运),要嘛就是用软件的 3D 化编解码器,耗费计算机资源。不过宏碁今年在 Computex 展出了这么一台相当有趣的屏幕,可以自动将任何讯号(后面有 VGA 和两个 HDMI)转成 3D 的,包括影片、照片,甚至是一般在跑的软件也可以,只是显然 Excel 之类的放进去效果会很凄惨就是了 XD。

GR235H A 用的是偏光镜式的 3D 眼镜,除了这个 2D 转 3D 功能之外,其他规格都蛮正常的,是一颗内建喇叭的 23" FullHD 屏幕。预计七月上市,目前售价不详。


Even though 3D technology has been hot for a year, 3D products are still very limited in PC – you can get 3D games, or you can try your luck searching for 3D vedios (good luck indeed); otherwise, you can use 3D codec software, if your computer has too much capacity. Yet in this year's Computex, Acer has this rather interesting monitor in display. It automatically converts any kind of file formats, including vedios, pictures, or even software that people normally run with their computers (it has a VGA and 2 HDMI at the back) to 3D. Although you certainly would not want to see an Excel file converted to 3D, lol.

GR235H A uses polarized 3D lenses. It is 23", FullHD, with built-in speakers and everything that you would expect for a normal moniter. The planned market launch is in July, but price is undetermined.
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