Computex 2009:艾芮克推出多款新键鼠,以及有趣的小玩意

Yeager Yu
Yeager Yu
2009年06月5日, 下午 04:00


<Computex 2009: New Keyboard/Mouse, and Some Interesting Gadgets from iRocks>
This trend of diamond pattern seems to have moved from mobile phone into computer peripherals. Although the pattern creates an illusion of angular ridges, the actual surface is smooth.

As for the keyboards, i-Rock deploys thin-framed design. Many other manufacturers have similarly designed keyboard on display.

This seems to be the latest design trend for keyboards, with many manufacturers deployed similar designs.

This little gadget is a palm rest, so what's so special about it?

There are some plastic-steel rolling balls underneath this palm rest, so it moves with the hand movement. Nice idea and seem to be inexpensive.


As for this, another Arc clone?

Looks like Microsoft Arc have made a success, as many manufacturers have used similar design concept. I have asked the manufacturer as why they used this design, the manufacturer replied: because customers ask for it.

Entry level gaming keyboard, no changes in terms of appearance; however, the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously is extended to 20 keys.

还请有名的电竞选手代言The product endorser from the realm of game competitions.

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